Container Delivery

Container Delivery

We allow ½ an hour on-site to unload a container, please be prepared for
the delivery. Extra time will be charged out at the standard hourly rate.

Site Access

Make sure the site is clear of trees, power, telephone lines and building eaves etc.
A minimum width  of 3.50m & height of 4.50m is required and a good concrete or aggregate
base is required for the truck access. As these trucks are very long (8-12m) any roads into
your property must be wide enough for trucks to make any corners.

Unloading Area

As above, to be clear of trees, powerlines etc.
Make sure the site is level, or have blocks ready to place under the corners of the container.

Positioning an Empty 20ft Standard Container

Subject to a Flat to 5 degree sloping site with access for the outrigger stabiliser legs

Mason Containers Hiab 41

This hiab can position the container approx 2m off the truck with the
stabiliser legs extending 1.5m from the truck on each side.

Mason Contractors LTD have larger hiab trucks which can position containers
further from the truck (up to approx 8m.) They also handle loaded containers.
They will be happy to provide a quotation if necessary.

Site Inspection

We have a site inspection service available to advise on the the practicality of delivery
and placement if required (to be paid prior to inspection). The initial $57.50 incl GST charge
out rate for this is refundable on the purchase of a container.

a) Within 10k of depot            $57.50 incl GST
b) Within 60km of depot       $115.00 incl GST

If we are unable to deliver, subsequent return visits will be charger at apporpriate rates.

Please Note

The hiab truck delivering are very large vehicles (9-12m long) and most likely bigger than most
other trucks visiting your property. Whilst we will take the utmost , we will not accept any responsibility
or liability for any damage caused by our vehicles when requested to make delivieries or collections.

Hiab 41

Hiab 41

High Capacity Hiab