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Container Delivery

When getting a container delivered to your site, there are some key things that you need to take note of before we deliver your container.

Site Access
For truck access we need a minimum width of 3.5m and a height of 4.5m as well as concrete or a GOOD aggregate base for the vehicle to drive on. As the truck is very long, it must be bigger that the road must be wide enough to make any corners.

Unloading Area
The site needs to be clear of trees, power & phone lines, building eaves and any other objects that could obstruct the hiab. It is reccomended that your is level and that blocks should be used to keep your container off the ground and to help with any levelling.

Container Positioning
The truck can place a container up to approximately 2m from the truck with the stabaliser legs extending 1.5m from the truck on each side from the rear. This is subject to a site that is either flat or up to 5 degrees in slope and provides enough room for stabilising legs to deploy.

Loaded Containers and Further Reach.
If you require the moving of a loaded container or require further reach from your access way than what we can provide then you will have to organise a larger hiab. Mason Contractors, another local company, has large hiabs with a bigger lifting capacity and we would reccomend them for any of these enquiries.

Please Note
Hiab trucks are very large vehicles and most likely bigger than most other trucks visiting your property. Whilst we strive to take the utmost care, we will not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage caused by our vehicles when requested to make delivieries or collections to your site.

Site Inspection

We have a site inspection service available to advise on the the practicality of delivery
and placement if required (to be paid prior to inspection). The initial $57.50 incl GST charge
out rate for this is refundable on the purchase of a container.

a) Within 10k of depot            $57.50 incl GST
b) Within 60km of depot       $115.00 incl GST

If we are unable to deliver, subsequent return visits will be charger at apporpriate rates.

Hiab delivery and pickup is Quoted upon request . If delivery is for a hire container, the delivery AND pickup fees are paid upfront.